DataMed is an archive of medical data in which medical institutions keep the results of the patient's studies, for example, radiographs, cardiograms, laboratory results, etc., to ensure the medical process, including the delivery of the results of the examination to the patient.

Patients opportunities

  • view and save studies
  • record study file on CD/DVD
  • send study to the physician or medical organization
  • Add your studies by yourself (function in the development process)

Using DataMed patients can receive the results of their examinations remotely, send them to the medical institution or physician, thereby saving time and money.

Physicians opportunities

  • Access to cardiograms, radiological and laboratory studies in one place
  • Easy to view patients studies history
  • Physicians, who works in several institutions, can access to all the studies in one place
  • Opportunity to send study to other medical institutions or physicians
  • Possibility to add additional documents related to the study

Medical institution opportunities

DataMed provides the ability to store digital data from medical diagnostic devices or information systems. If your institution has its own PACS system, ECG and ultrasound devices from different manufacturers, internal and external laboratories - all data from these devices and systems can be stored and accessed in one DataMed system.

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